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IXI COLOR (the artist previously known as Adam-X).
Born 1980 in Plock, Poland.
Painter, sticker maker, performer, also independent art curator. Gold member of massmix collective and vlepvnet community. Obsessed with evolution and quantum physics.
Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.
For inquiries please contact Jacek Slaski info(at)

from Mango series, 2007
stencil on canvas
1500 €

from Mango series, 2007
stencil on canvas
800 €

Vinylowiec Zielony
self adhesive foil on plexi, 2008
2000 €

Vinylowiec unistyczny żółto-niebieski
self adhesive foil on plexi, 2007
2500 €

acryl on wood panel, 2008
diptych 60x60cm
2000 €

Mister Sensitive
acryl on canvas, 2008
2000 €

IXI COLOR BOX (washing powder)
box, 2008
15 €

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IXI COLOR (the artist previously known as adam-x)

Major solo projects and exhibitions under nickname Adam-X:
2004 - Implant, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw
2005 - 1000 Stickers, public space, Warsaw
2006 - Miron Bialoszewski trzyma sie kupy konstrukcyjnej, club Chlodna 25, Warsaw
2007 - Stil der Kraken, Galerie Zero, Berlin
2008 - Memorabilia after Adam-X, Apolonia Art Gallery, Warsaw

IXI Color projects:
2008 - The artist previously known as Adam-X, club Chlodna 25, Warsaw
2008 - Urban Affairs, Berlin (group exhibition)
2008 - Street art vs Sztuka Ludowa, Galeria Browarna, Lowicz (group exhibition)
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