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alternative Christmas Market

alternative Christmas Market:
17.12.2010, 7 pm - till the last customer
18.12.2010, 4 - 10 pm

Another Christmas is coming and, as every year, the same problem appears: WHAT TO BUY AS A PRESENT??
If you are bored with romance books, reindeer sweaters, red noses, chocolate Santa and a tacky gadgets that you can find at every Christmas Market we would like to offer you an alternative. For TAKE (ART) AWAY we invited a plenty of international creative young artists from different parts of Europe who decided to make especially for this occasion various kind of works- from designer jewellery, throught the traditional paintings and photography to the more sophisticated conceptual pieces. Naturally all signed and in limited edition.
Do You think this kind of gift is too expensive for your Christmas’ budget? Good news! All art work will be sold for not more then 50 Euros.

Finissage: 16.12.2010, 6 - 12 pm
"Play on\ Play off"
Marcus Gründel, Kamil Kuskowski, Hanni Wurm

The exhibition lasts: 3.12. - 16.12.2010

In the last exhibition in a space of ZERO Gallery, curated by ENDOSYMBIOTIC project, you can take part in a play which deals only with a medium of painting.
Irony, erotic, sense of humor and distance create an unusual display of objects, installations and traditional painting. It is not really important what form it has- graffiti spray can, pink tits on the wall or a still life arrangement. It is important how you can find your own way of interpretation. You can play with your associations and explore artists’ ideas that are related to the art history or every day life…
To switch on, to switch off...the game is restart it again!

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