Vernissage: 03. Juli 2010, 20 Uhr

"Breathtaking Views"
Minna Mäkelä (Finland)

Dauer der Ausstellung 03.07. - 17.08.2010
Galerie geöffnet Do-Fr 12-18 h

Breathtaking Views
Minna Mäkelä

Works that I´m exhibiting in Galerie Zero got started during my artist residency in Mexico last summer. While walking on the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean I got carried away by the feeling of everythings temporary nature. That moment appeared more liberating than agonizing and I enjoyed the sight of my own footsteps disapearing from the wet sand, while the breathing waves of the sea reached them.

Breathtaking Views adverts to the magical Paradise beaches, but also to their essentially fragile and fading nature. Along the axhibited works I go by the big waters, through which the biggest changes of the environment come into view.

A Wave is an Ocean in a soundwork made together with sound designer Tarja Pasanen. Work consists of Ujjayi- breath which is used in Ashtanga Yoga. Work is a kind of ocean of the human sound. I´ve collected these breaths from Jogis all over Finland. By the help of this breathing method the aim is to create a conscious connection between the body and mind. The mind guides the breath, body is moved along the pace of it and the deep breath calms and fucuses the mind.

In this process I see something very familiar with my artistic practise. At best it is back and forward going flow between the body and mind and some casual moments of integration when the making of art becomes thinking. Working guides the mind into space, where the past and the future dissapear and I become fully aware of the present.

Taking this fully awareness of the present part of your everyday life is much more challenging but worth aim at. Awareness, which also considers other people and the environments well-being. Things that many tim
es are taken for granted – such as breathing.

Other works in the show:
Paradise, plastic, pictures from collected postcards
Before and After, serie of silkscreen on wood

Exhibition is supported and sponsored by Arts Council of Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Genelec and Leka sound company.

Jogis in A Wave is an Ocean:
Pauliina Merisalo Salla Jyrkänne
Pauli Nevalainen Frank Kappas
Katja Tukiainen Maarit Nevanperä
Risto Suikkanen Anton Nordqvist
Riikka Mäkikoskela Hanna Jaanisoo
Emma Silvennoinen Jura Mikkola
Johanna Polso Markus Pulkkanen
Susanna Kuittinen Ari Wahlstedt