Vernissage: Samstag, 04. April 2009, 20 Uhr

"Salaryman" & "Kinky City"

Paweł Jaszczuk (PL)

Dauer der Ausstellung 04.04. - 30.04.2009


...In Japan heavy drinking is a naturally accepted and sometimes compulsory catharsis for the hard working salaryman. They don’t really care about having their suitcase or they mobile phone stolen. This is Japan, and as easy as it may seems to pick their wallet, drunk salaryman are part of the urban landscape, respected by everyone. A million ways different from the West...

Fernando Alvarez Busca
"Salaryman", Paweł Jaszczuk, Tokio 2008
Kinky City

Piggy costumes, dolls, needles and thread, it´s girl play material. Grown ups play too. In a city where restraint and seriousness are the rules that produce a collective harmony difficult to find elsewhere, at night some people leave their working suits and go play in the huge circus of sex. The choice is huge: fetish parties, fetish bars, happening bars, private sex parties,… The list of places, situations, events and people never ends. In Kinky city the fetish sex scene is so massive that it takes a long time to grasp the fire that pushes those adventurous and naughty boys and girls...

Fernando Alvarez Busca
"Kinky City", Paweł Jaszczuk, Tokio 2008
Pawel Jaszczuk was born in Warsaw, Poland. He's a self taught photographer who began his photographic career after graduating School of Visual Arts in Sydney with a degree in graphic design. Pawel is genuinely interested in the various types of people he photographs, whether it be a celebrity, sportsman or sex worker. Staying open minded, observing and learning, giving him a greater insight into subjects and influence his perception of images through the lens. He uses his eye to seek out images that are intrigue, profound and do not perpetrate stereotypes. Bridging the worlds of documentary and art photography, Pawel's work strives to capture the beauty of both traditional and extraordinary style of living. He transforms what might be a standard documentary project into something much more complex and wholly unique.

Pawel has found himself in a still new metropolis known as Tokyo. A city filled with people of ancient culture, practices and beliefs, that has been catapulted into modernism trough the rage of war into a nation that has accepted new cultures and new influences trough technology and media. The photographer in his constant search for the unusual has discovered a society with no deliberated moral and or religious issues, therefor a possibly complex society. In this new era, he has documented a superficial yet deeply routed world, with an expression of desired co-existing self identity. With an outsiders point of view, he has been able to capture a reality that exists in a socially underground environment, but also portraying more traditional aspects and practices of the Japanese culture. As we can see trough Pawel's work, he has been able to penetrate through, a so called culture barrier with an individual point of view, endeavoring himself on a journey of personal truth trough the camera. He has been able capture and share this with the us viewer and in probable instances the voyeur.

Salaryman, Paweł Jaszczuk

Kinky City, Paweł Jaszczuk