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alternative Christmas Market / alternatives Weinachtsmarkt

17.12.2010, 19.00 Uhr - bis zum letzten Kunden
18.12.2010, 16.00 - 22.00 Uhr

Weihnachten kommen bald und kommt auch wie jedes Jahr das gleiche Problem wieder: WAS FÜR GESCHENKE SOLLTE MAN KAUFEN??
Wenn du schon mit romantischen Büchern, Rentierpullis, roten Nasen, Weihnachtsmann aus Schokolade und kitschigen Gadgets, die man auf jedem Weihnachtsmarkt finden kann, gelangweilt bist, wir bieten dir eine Alternative an. Wir haben zu unserer Aktion TAKE (ART) AWAY viele internationale, junge und kreative Künstler aus verschiedenen Länder eingeladen, die ganz speziell für diese Gelegenheit, verschiedene Arten von Kunstwerken - von Design, Schmuck, über traditionelle Malerei und Fotografie bis mehr anspruchsvollen, konzeptuellen Werken - geschaffen haben. Und alles wird selbstverständlich in einer beschränkten Auflage und unterschrieben sein.
Denkst du, dass diese Art von der Veranstaltung zu teuer für dein Weihnachtsbudget ist? Gute Nachricht! Alle Kunstwerke werden für den niedrigen Preis von max. 50 Euro verkauft.!

Finissage: 16.12.2010, 18- 24 h
"play on play off"
Marcus Gründel, Kamil Kuskowski, Hanni Wurm

Dauer der Ausstellung 3.12. - 16.12.2010

In the last exhibition in a space of ZERO Gallery, curated by ENDOSYMBIOTIC project, you can take part in a play which deals only with a medium of painting.
Irony, erotic, sense of humor and distance create an unusual display of objects, installations and traditional painting. It is not really important what form it has- graffiti spray can, pink tits on the wall or a still life arrangement. It is important how you can find your own way of interpretation. You can play with your associations and explore artists’ ideas that are related to the art history or every day life…
To switch on, to switch off...the game is restart it again!

Vernissage: 20.11.2010, 20.00 Uhr
"EXHALE" Jessica Faiss

Konzert: 21.30 Uhr
Krzysiek Cybulski & Tetsuya Hori.

Dauer der Ausstellung 20.11. - 2.12.2010

“(...) The power source of Jessica Faiss’ work is a conspicuous eventlessness, which is highly unusual and capturing. She invites us on a journey with no apparent destination, and the simultaneously stagnant and changeable character of her films creates a hypnotic effect. Here, there is a movement between exterior action and interior processes that evokes a statement of contemplation. Her films create mental spaces with a tempo and a time that present an alternative to the state of affairs. Her works are places with a deeper and more quieting breathing.”

excerpt from the Grant Committee’s statement
Maria Bonniers- Dahlin Award 2008

Jessica Faiss, born 1973 in Switzerland, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm in 2002. She moves between photography, video, performance and painting, but she is mostly known for her unusual video works. Faiss has presented her works in various venues and public space project both in Sweden and internationally. In 2008 she was awarded with Maria Bonniers- Dahlin Prize for the best young Swedish artist.

More information:

Krzysiek Cybulski is a bass player with a background in jazz composition and arrangement, but for quite a few years now he is into experimenting with digital sound processing in live context. From his experience in improvisation using traditional instruments, he developed his own live setup (based on Native Instruments REAKTOR custom patch), which allows him to improvise his live sets from scratch. He is still refining his setup, as well as his approach to music. Since 2008 he is a part of Warsaw Electronic Festival society.

Tetsuya Hori (composer, pianist and object- player), born in Sapporo, Japan. In 2002 he graduated from the Composition Class from the Music Academy in Tokyo, where he also worked as a composer, music arranger and PhD scholar. Since 2003 he lives and works in Berlin.

Vernissage: Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010, 20 Uhr
"displayces" Anton Soloveychik

Dauer der Ausstellung 23.10. - 11.11.2010


Are we able to imagine how would the sound of the violin’s string been sawn? In this situation could we declare that we have participated in the birth of beauty or in its destruction? If there were traces leading us to forgotten places and moments, set deep in our subconsciousness, would it be possible to reach them using only the senses?

The photographical display made in ZERO space will introduce us to the intimate world of personal point of view created by singularity of the artist’s experiences. It will expose to us unspecified areas, which reach beyond the limits of the real political and geographical borders. This accumulation of well-known signs and pictures brings us to the rediscovery of these sensations that cannot be defined at first. Who knows what they really are? Maybe there are only remains of dreams or pieces of memory taken out. Or maybe even something more?
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