Vernissage: Samstag, 21. Januar 2012, 20 Uhr

"The Cavorite Project"
Radek DÄ…browski

Ausstellung dauert: 21.01 - 10.02.2012
Radek Dabrowski presents a new work: 'The Cavorite Project' at the Gallery Zero. This new work is Dabrowski's continued search for a balance between one's 'productive handling' and ignorance. In our society everyone is surrounded by information, so to say we are constantly bombed with all sorts of information and the amount of it that we cannot cope with. So we create kind of filtration mechanism to protect our brain from overload. We select, collect and order the information to our liking. After this 'filtration' starts the more extended analysis, comparison, understanding and finally one's interpretation of the information. This is what Dabrowski calls the 'productive handling' of the information. The problem is, that we tend to be more attracted by and to stuff us with the information that make us feel comfortable and relaxed, which makes the brain less active, makes him skip the 'productive handling' and so elevates the ignorance. Dabrowski once said: 'free yourself from the lethargy and burn your fingertips on the reality'. Like in his previous works one's handling is of major importance to complete, execute the artwork even if it evokes unpleasant and disturbed feelings. 'The Cavorite Project' is meant to confuse us at first but to stimulate us to handle in the long run.
Dabrowski's one of the inspirations for this project is the book 'The First Men in the Moon' by H.G. Wells wherein the 'cavorite' is an artificial mineral that possess anti-gravity properties.