Vernissage: 04. June 2010, 20 Uhr

"It was ment to be a perfect model for the society"
Jonna Johansson and Juan Kasari (Finland)

Dauer der Ausstellung 05.06. - 27.06.2010
Galerie geöffnet Do-Fr 12-18 h

“Sweet Paradise”, installation
Jonna Johansson
Jonna Johansson deals with humanity at a large scale in her art work, and among this she searches global phenomenon in the level of individual. Johansson’s medium is mainly painting and installation.
“Sweet Paradise” – installation takes hold of the welfare society’s growing phenomenon, where global multinational corporate chains dominate street image and “sweet” life is pursued in many different levels without thinking its causes.
On the other hand the same structural changes are experienced among the people who live under the poverty line, where standard of living forces people to a certain consumption of food.

”Perfect model for the Society”, digital photography and sound installation
Juan Kasari
Juan Kasari moves between different media, from mixed media paintings to sound works through photography and video, sometimes fusing them all in a complete installations that creates illusion of certain separate world. His style is quite hermatic and not often easily accesseble. His installations feature characters from stories of the artists own invention with hints of existing real personalitiess. He mixed facts and fictives in a interesting ways

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